Fibrefusion have now published five books, full of inspiration

and ideas.  All these books are available from our ‘Online Shop’,

or Art Van Go – – 01438 814946, Embroiderers’

Guild bookshop and outlets worldwide. 

‘Beyond Boundaries’

A creative embroidery workshop in a book, providing reminders, suggestions, experiments and challenges for the experimental embroiderer.  This is the first book that Fibrefusion published.

£10.00 plus postage and packing.



……follows on from Fibrefusion’s first successful book, providing a creative embroidery workshop in a 36 page book.  The ‘Why don’t you try’ sections encourage experimentation to construct, embellish and encrust your fabric with stitch.

£10.00 plus postage and packing



.…..a stitcher’s evolutionary workbook.  Following on from our previous books – this is another Workshop in a Book.  Evolutions challenges you to regenerate and revitalise the skills you already have and drive them forward with renewed vigour – the act of evolution.

£10.00 plus postage and packing


‘On Form’ 

 ……a stitcher’s workbook on sculptural textiles.  Fibrefusion’s ‘On Form’ book is a different size to previous books and has an internal ring-binder format making it perfect for laying out flat when working.  In this book we invite you to share our enthusiasm for the three-dimensional and to share our response to the creation of sculptural forms in the exciting and constantly evolving field of textile art.

£12.00 plus postage and packing 




 ……a stitched exploration of loose weave fabrics.  Another workshop in a book – a hands-on-book, written to encourage the stimulation of new ideas and ways of working with Muslin as a catalyst for new and inspiring projects.  Muslin is also a cheap, value for money fabric, perfectly suited to a wide variety of approaches and techniques.

£15.00 plus postage and packaging.